Friday, August 21, 2009

Why I like Redwall !!!

I like how Brian Jacques writes about the Abbey of Redwall. I like how the characters are mice, moles, squirrels, hedgehogs, otters and badgers.

I really enjoy that the stoats, weasels and rats
are the bad guys and try to conquer Redwell.
I like the fact that there is always a warrior to defend Redwall.
I have only just found a redwall book that I haven't read.
This is called Doomwyte and I have now read it from the library.

I have allways LOVED the Redwall books .
Last year that I finished all the Redwall books that we own. I have read these at least 3 times and some more than that.

My favorite animals are probably the Badges and Shrews.
The Badges are so peaceful [except when Rat's and staff come] and the Shrews are always fighting and squabbling.


I like Rakkety Tam, Mariel, Martin the Warrior, Triss , Lord Brocktree the most and lots of the others as well.


Lady Ophelia said...

I like Redwall too!
I have voted on your poll.
Thank you for putting up "Beauty In My Week" on your blog, your pictures are lovely.
Oh, you also put up the A Maiden For Modesty picture!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Taggerung and Rakkety Tam -they're my favorite!
And Otters and Hares are my favorite characters!!

Miss Eden said...

Dear Ophelia ,
I have not this week sofar "Beauty In my Week" . But I'll get to it hopefely to day.

God Bless