Sunday, August 9, 2009


I like the spiderwick books and the movie.
Our Mother read the books to us last year fir read alouds at night. We read one chapter every night, it was torture for me.
But, sometimes Mum read us two or more chapters.

The Troll, and Mulgarath the ogre were a tad freaky. Like imagine a Troll giving you a chance to run by covering it's eye's and sayng, "I cover my eyes and count to ten".
But the troll has some gaps between his eyes.
That would be DREADFUL.

And Mulgarathe the ogre can change into what ever he wanted. So, say he changed into a boy or girl and he looked like you and got you into trouble that would be-- BAD.
Then a castle in the junkyard and a moat made out of glass that would be so DANGEROUS.

Now we are going to do a unit study on the Spiderwick chronicles starting next week.

Now Daddy is reading the books. That just works in perfectly.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Spiderwick movie!!

Autumn said...

Good post little sis!!