Monday, November 14, 2011


 I love the colour Green
why ............well.............
number 1) it can have so many different shades but still have the same colour

number 2) its beautiful colour so I love it ;D

number 3) I love green ribbons

number 4) I would love to have all these green coloured nail polish

number 5) I love green shoes (and yes i have to save heaps of pictures of shoes)

number 6) I love granny-smith apples for their taste and colour :D

number 7) I love clover it is just beautiful lovely

In other words I love this colour and nothing in the world is as beautiful as this colour to me .

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cottage Gardens :)

I really love cottage gardens.
Maybe its the colours and the way that the cottages kind of blend with the garden.
Or its just the simplicity in the way that they look and combined the colours.

any way here are some pictures of cottage gardens (not my pictures found them on the Internet :D)

LOVE this one :)


I love paintings of cottage Gardens

love the colours