Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book Review---- Shadow of the Bear

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I really like the book: Shadow of the Bear by Regina Doman

I like how it is based on the fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red.

Mr Freet is like the dwarf, both which are the bad guys. Bear and Fish, who seem to be bad guy characters are actually the good guys like the prince and his brother.
Rose and Blanch are obviously Snow White and Rose Red who are the heroines in the stories

This is what I like about each of the charcters-
BEAR: Kind, Friendly, helpful, Nice, and the kind of person you would like to met!

FIS: Friendly, reserved, protective, helpful and kind.

BLANCH: Kind, nice, shy but friendly when you get to know her better.

ROSE: Straight forward, not shy, friendly and helpful. Not afraid to give her opinion.

If you haven't read this book I would recommend it.


Gae said...

Dear Eden,
I would love to see some more of your lovely work on your blog soon.
Some of your sewing or writing or drawing or your other crafts perhaps.
Love you my talented girl

Lady Ophelia said...

It is a good book isn't it!! Have you read any of the others in the series?

Miss Eden said...

Dear Ophelia.
I have only read Shadow of the Bear, and Black as Night. Mummy says that I am not ready to read Waking Rose and Midnight Dancers
God Bless