Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FUN !!!!!!

 Though these photos are three years old they are still cool.

We all liked to be Indians and cowboys here are my younger sisters Moran and Myffwen as Indians 
hands up


Pirates everyone wants to be when their little, even have a pirate- party, and the birthday boy is just two in this photo but is joining in.

Is that a DRAGON???????

A St.George play anyone
a Knight , a King, a Damsel, a fortune teller, a queen a princess and prince and a Dragon. adventure, swords, Shields and fun. that was our best play of St George.
The fat King and the Skinny queen from the St. George play.
Anzac day we dress up as ANZAC's and go down to the bush (woods) and do D-Day.

my sister Vellvin with our toy bazooka

                                                                           my younger Brother Rogan as a pilot that's been shot down.

my brother Saxon as a sniper.

I hope that you like this we as much as we enjoyed doing it.


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Gae said...

Dear Eden,
These are such lovely photos of eveyone dressing up.
Love Mummy