Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have finely watched THE LORD OF THE RINGS ,THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. A year and two months after my younger brother Saxon, who is 16 months younger then me watched it.

My favorite characters are Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli,
Frodo,Sam, Merry, Pippin.
I love this picture!!!!!!

My favourite girl character is Arwen.



Gae said...

Dear Eden,
I am so glad to have watched this with you and that you enjoyed it too.
I like Arwen too.
My favourite characters are Aragon, Legolas and Sam.
Lots of Love Mummy

Miss Eden said...

I love you too mummy

Gae said...

Dear Eden,
You need to get the other children off the computer so you can do dome more wonderful creative posts.
Looking forward to the nest 8 or more.
Lots of Love Mummy

The Editrix said...

Yay! I was so excited when I watched LOTR for the first time - it was something I'd been looking forward to for years, LOL!

And I've given you an award:


gretchen said...

Hello Eden,

I just stopped in here from Seven Little Australians Plus One, and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your blog -- the pictures your have up are just beautiful, and reflect a beautiful spirit.

You appear to love many of the same books I grew up with and am now sharing with my own children. We just finished reading aloud The Lord of the Rings to our boys this past week (they're still too young to watch the movie).

I also enjoyed the slide show of the St. George Play : )

AND I love your name so much! If we have another daughter we'll have to add Eden to the list of possibilities!

One last note: As a mother of four young boys and now a baby girl, I am so encouraged by your "button" thing that says "A Maiden for Modesty." I thank God for every young woman out there who cares about these things!

Thank you for this lovely blog that was such a blessing to my spirit tonight : )

From a young mother in the USA

Saxon said...

You've been tagged!!