Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DINOTOPIA ............

We have Just finished The Movie of

It is about two brothers and their father are driving there plan when a Mistress storm makes them crash land on a island with a uncrossable stormy reef .Were humans and Dinosaurs live peace with sunstons to protect them. For it is not all in Harmony. there are predators and outsiders , with an uncrossable stormy reef. Therefor you have Dinotopia.

Here are some of the main character's

My name is 26.

My name is Marion. Played by Katie Carr.

Our names are (from left to right) Karl and Davide Scott .Played by Tyron Leitso and Wentworth Miller .

My name is Cyrus Crabb. Played by David Thewlis .

My name is Zipeau Stenonychosaurus.


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Vellvin said...

you forgot the mayor! I cannot belive you skipped him! just kidding lol.
Love ye,