Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Redwall Poll

I have always been a huge Redwall fan.
I have read them so many times.
So for all you other Redwall fans I would love to hear from you, and have you participate in the poll I am having.
TO access this it is in my side bar.

So come on Vote for your favourite Redwall Book


Daddy said...


This is good - there are such a lot to choose from, but my favourite I think is The Long Patrol. Lots of days to wait for an outcome - too long for me.



Anonymous said...

Hello Eden, just been to your sister's blog. They are both lovely! I am a die-hard Redwall fan too! Must have read each book at least three times. I just got Mattimoe and Doomwyte for my birthday making my collection almost full, only missing Eulalia. Hard poll, I have a few favorites but no idea which is my absolute favorite. Who are your favorite characters? Hard question I know, I'm still thinking about it! Gotta run, lots of luck with your blog!

carmel said...

Hello again Eden, Just received Eulalia in the mail, late birthday present! Now I do have the full set! Have you ever read the Angel's Command trilogy by Brian Jacques? They're very good, they're all about a boy and his dog, my younger brother really likes them. Oh and I've figured that my favorite characters are Mathias, Stonepaw, Gnoff and Brom. Yours?

Miss Eden said...

Dear Carmel,
I have only read Doomwyte from the library last week. I do not know how many times I have read the Redwall books. I got Eulalia for my birthday last year. I like Gnoff, Martin the warrior, Triss, Raketty Tam, and I don't know my other favourite characters. Frankly I like them all. I have just read Angel's command; quiet recently, I really liked it. Have you read the Shadow of the bear, Regina Doman?
Yours sincerely

carmel said...

Good evening Eden, yes I have read the "Shadow of the Bear". I quite liked it but I didn't like the second book "Dark as Night" much. I hear she has written a third, I must read it sometime. Do you play music? I play the piano and have taught myself or am teaching myself the tin whistle, guitar and the accordion. I love singing too, that's why I learnt the guitar! How about you?
G.B. and goodnight,

Miss Eden said...

Dear Carmel.
I have not read third one yet,
Because mum says I am not ready. I
Think it was called Waking Rose.
Yes I do play music, I am teaching
My self to play the Flute, and play
The piano, and my older brother is
Teaching us to play the guitar, But
We have sort of stoped doing it
Because my older brother's are doing USQ and university.
love from

carmel said...

Dear Eden, Oh I have always wanted to learn the flute!!!! I think it is such a beautiful instrument, one day when I have enough money I've got to get one! The guitar is a fun instrument, I hope your brothers find time to teach it to you but I know they must be busy as I am doing university courses too through OUA and am trying to teach one of my younger sisters the piano. Have you ever done grades in the piano? What kind of music do you like to play?
Love from and G.B,