Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Are princes still real?

This is a post I have been thinking of for a while.
Let me know what you think....  ( apologizes for any impolite  language)

When I was little I dreamed that knights and bandits were still real, but as I got older I began to see that there was only bandits left and  knights have become dispirited and have just left.
And that's when I thought 'boys! you can't live with them or without them'.
from that is were I began to wonder "Where is true love, what is true love, what happened to chivalry?."
I met a guy and thought he was the one till I found that he was not truly the one true love I was looking for.
So yeah, I still do not know really know what is the true love that medieval knights had with their ladies.
so my questions are:
where have all the good guys gone?
where are all the knights and hero's?

All girl sees all the t of douchbags everyday and see none of, well princes.
none have swords or shields only daggers and poison.
why is it all girls see is douchbags?
no one is ready to help a girl when see is in need, when someone evil is approaching her.
no one will step forward when any girl is attacked in the way of  bulling or just plain attacking her.

she might have locked her heart up to protect herself and has hidden the key from everyone even her family.
Her trust is to be earned not broken, she does not trust any one till they have proved themselves to her including the prince that appears in her life, he is the right one to to deal with her fears, worries, and her not trusting or loving him.
She will one day.



Vellvin said...

And you will meet that Prince one day, when you are ready. And he will be more amazing than you could comprehend. :) <3

Doreen Bluerinse said...

Hi Eden,

Is someone evil approaching you, are you being attacked or bullied? Can you speak to someone who will help you? Your blog says that you are Catholic. Is there someone like a priest or another person at your church who would do the right thing for you if you told them what the trouble is? I am very concerned after reading your blog. I hope you are safe. Can I help you?

Therese said...

This post is so true! I wish there were more princes out there in this modern day world! It is unusual to see chivalry at all! I know what it is like to wait for that prince of your dreams.. Hopefully he will come around soon for you!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that you have not written a blog post since last year. Does that mean it is time to update your blog? Does that mean you are 20? I'm an Aussie homeschooler and was just wondering.

isaacbenjamin said...

Great article! It does seem that the princes have all disappeared sometimes. (P.S. the pictures on this post are neat.) I don't know much about the world so i'm not sure if there are still gallant heroes out there. I am a catholic boy and I always try to be a knight and a gentleman to everyone, especially girls. But i'm not sure if I qualify as a 'prince'. I've never rescued anyone after all :) To answer your questions directly. 1#I believe there are still good men around, they are hard to see sometimes,but they are there. (This is just my opinion.) 2# It is very hard to be a hero in this day and age. Heroes are often sued and jailed for trying to change things for the better. I am sorry we can never go back to shining knights and brave top-hatted gentlemen. But heroes exist. They may not be on national TV (I don't watch TV) But some people are really heroic and even chivalrous. Sorry I haven't been able to quote direct examples. I't 8:00 at night here and I'm tired. But I really like your post, it has inspired me to always try to be a knight to those around me. Perhaps even a prince. (P.P.S. Im glad you are posting again. Also i would carry a shield and sword (I am eighteen) but I dont have one and blades beyond 8" are illegal in my state. (You'd think we were afraid we'de cut ourselves.) I hope you like this comment/minor rant. Hang in there. Heroes exist.

Sir Benjamin

Eden said...

Vellvin: I know vellvin. :)
Doreen Bluerinse: No I am not, I just think a lot of different things. :)
Therese: yes I know. :)
Anonymous: I am 19, just have not had time to update my blog recently.

Benjamin, thankyou the pictures were hard to find :)
I don't watch TV either.
wow that must be difficult to own a sword ;)
and I really liked your comment :)
you made me laugh :D