Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I love!!!!!

I Love The 60's Dresses. They are soo simple and yet so elegant 

words can not describe

I love tea or coffee/mocha. That is Real relaxation   
Tea Anyone?

I love Books/libraries. that way I can go any where

I love My jeans. they are soo comfortable

I love My Bed. it is soo relaxing after a long day then to lie in your bed, and just fall asleep.

I love story tapes/CDs. I have spent long hours listening to these.

I love music. As long as I can remember there was always music in my life and do not ever want it to change

I love Cottage Gardens/cottages. they are always soo beautiful, and yet soo simply lovely.

 I Love Ponds with bridges. Its like stepping into a story and finding magic.

I love Drawing flowers or Dresses or my stories. Its just what I do.

I love Swings. so want to just keep going on and on but never can.



Autumn said...

When I'm an old lady I plan to own a cottage with a big library and beautiful rose garden. Like Miss Marple.

Gae said...

Dear Eden,
Lets hang out. WE have so much in common.
Love you
Mummy xxoo