Friday, February 3, 2012

My Bigger Sisiter!!

 O.K. who do you go to when your parents are shopping to ask some thing or need advice on something?
well I go to my bigger sister she is always there when I need her she makes me laugh when I am sad or am grumpy
she has always been there.
when we were younger we played from cowboys and Indians to tea parties to dress-ups.
and she is the best Actress I will ever know.

and I could never ask for another big sis. 




Gae said...

Dear Eden,
that is a beautiful post. I would be honoured if I were your sister. And I love that photo
Love Mummy

Autumn said...

Oh you sweet little sister!!!!!*mwah mwah mwah* Those are meant tobe kisses. :D Love you!
Your Big Sis.

Vellvin said...

I'm glad I've got TWO bigger sisters!
You're both awesome sisters.