Friday, April 30, 2010

A caption contest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to do a capton contest, you must have them in be for 30th of may. Please, Please leave a comment .
I hope you like them .
Please do it.













LadyBug-Laurie said...

This sounds like fun, I hope you don't mind me trying my hand. I know/have seen most of these films so this should be fun! :)

#1. Looking for mischief
#2. "I won't do it!"
#3. "Use the sword Wendy!" or "Take this. You're gonna need it!"
#4. "I feel...a wee bit befuddled."
#5. "It's okay buddy."
#6. "Right back at ya!"
#7. On your mark, get set, go!
#8. "Here I come!" or "Geronimo!"
#9. "How did we get into all this mess?"
#10. "You knitted me a sweater? You are too kind!" or "This will look great on my horse!" or "Thanks! It will keep me toasty warm on those arid western nights!"

You film is #10 from? It looks like a funny one.
This was a lot of fun!

God Bless,
Miss Laurie :)

Vellvin said...

1#Merry slowly:" Gandalf glued my lips together!"

2# Pocahontas: "Anything you can do I can do better I can do anything better than you!"

3#Peter:" Take this sword!" Wendy:" Why do I have to take that sword? Why can't I have the one you've got?" Peter:" Because I'm the coolest that's why!"

4#Jack:" Look here can't I have a little privacy when I [polishing my hair?"

5#Legolas:" It's all right Aragorn I can see you’re having another nerve attack." Aragorn: “Quite have you compassion on my poor nerves!"

6#Meg:" 96, 97, 98, 99, and 100! Yah finished my exercises!"

7# Legolas: “Gimli what on earth are you doing walking in front?" Gimli: "Well I was thinking I'm the bravest here and so I should be in front of you two so that I can protect you." Aragorn : “Look here Legolas and Gimli I was thinking I should go first!" Gimli and Legolas together: “NO!"

8# an Orc:" Breath Deep." Boromir: "Fly high!"

9# John: “Wow look at that giant lollipop!" Michael: “Bags me joining Captain Hook first that means I get the longest lick on the lollipop." Wendy: “Nonsense none of you are it would make you all sick!"

10# El Guapo: "Thanks I will try it on right away." second in command: "El Guapo I was thinking seeing as I got it for you I don't suppose I could try it on first?" El Guapo:"Of course after I have tried it on!" Second in Command: “Fine I'll go and sulk."


Autumn said...

#1- "I think I'm gonna throw-up!"
#2- "Never,never,never,never! So there!"
#3- "It's called a sword. You take it by the handle, and swing it around until you cut Captain Hook's head off."
#4- THIS. IS. MY. PEANUT!!!!
#5- Give me a piggy-back ride to safety Aragorn!"
#6- "I'm pretty, so I should get my own way."
#7- "This wind is so strong, I don't thing we're even getting anywhere!"
#8- "Ruuuuun! There's a grizzly bear after us!!!"
#9- Michael says, "Oh no! There's a bu on my nose!"
#10- Guy on the right says: "I saw this guy faint, so I stole his sweater!" Guy on the left says: "Your such an idiot! Now go give the man his sweater back!!"

Gae said...

Dear Eden,
Here are my entries
1. What can I do now?
2. You don't impress me much!
3. Lead the way!
4. Just a small amount, you won't miss it.
5. I know you are only mortal BUT I am an Elf
6. Chow Baby
7. The A Team, well almost
8. Wait for me!
9. Hi ho Hi ho it's off to work we go
10. Cool sweater

oceanheartcp said...

Sorry this is a little late Edyn. Oh by the way I am your sisters friend.

1. Why, how dare you!

2. I am not going!

3. You will need this Wendy

4. I think we should throw you overboard

5. Its ok, we can do this together

6. Later baby

7. Follow me and stay low

8. Run for your life!

9. How dare you! Peter will save us I am sure!

10. Hahaha are you serious this sweater is soooooo yesterday!

Can you do a post and tell us who is the winner?

Was I too late? Hope not.

Love, Annie.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Hi Eden!

Here are my ansers~ xo


#1.) "What?.... Do I have something on my face?"

#2.)"I will NEVER apologize!?"

#3.)Wendy: "It's not shiny enough..."
Peter: "Take it or leave it! And hurry up... the pirates are coming!"

#4.)"See this? It took me 1 huge bloody hour to get this stinkin' bead on properly! Don't touch it.... or I'll throw you in the brig!... Savvy?"

#5.)Legolas "Sorry about your pet mouse.... I didn't mean to step on him"
Aragorn: "He was a good mouse..."

#6.)"Like, totally!"

#7.)Legolas: "A Narsgul just ate Gimly!"
Aragorn: "Shhhhh! Don't move! Keep perfectly still and ...Maybe it won't see us..."

#8.) "Gimmi my cheese curl back you slimy thief!!"

#.9) "This does not look good...."

#10.) "ha ha ha!.... is this what you call a birthday present?!!! ha ha ha!...... you've got to be kidding!!! You're giving me a SWEATER for my birthday present! ha ha ha! ........... besides... I HATE orange.... other than that... thanks buddy!......(Whisper): I wonder if my dog will eat this for me...."


That was fun!


Alyson-Louise Belle said...

I only have one for number 4:
"And then you add just a pinch - just a pinch - of finely ground cinnamon." :)
Good idea, by the way, Eden!
Alyson Belle

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Great contest Eden!
The previous entry is from my daughter Laura. Nothing wrong with some family competition, eh? Here are my captions: (this is Mrs. D., by the way):

1) "Eating peanut butter before a scene is a BAD idea...mouth-stuck"

2) "Talk to a TREE? You want me to talk to a TREE? I deserve a raise!
A raise, I tell you!"

3)"Your marshmallow stick, my lady"

4)"Ah-oh...I think I found that 'Gorilla Glue" they were looking for!"

5)"Don't worry my friend, eat your Wheaties and you too will grow tall one day"

6)"I'm a little teapot, short and is my handle, here is my spout!"

7) "You want us to WHAT?"

8)"Let's go fellow warriors! Free doughnuts at the castle to the first fifty men! Every man for himself, I say!"

9)"I demand a cute bunny suit as well! Make it blue and make it quick...or I QUIT!"

10)"Wipe that grin off your face and tell me where you've put the matching pants to my outfit! I demand to know! Tell me! Tell me now you pumpkin-pants-stealer you!"

Grace said...

#1Mmm.. what should I do next

#2I won't do it

#3Take it, you might need it

#4What was that?

#5We should get going

#6See ya around

#7What do we do now?



#10HAHAHA...... you can't be serious

Great fun Eden.