Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Favourite Books - Loveliness Fair

My Mummy asked if we would like to share our favourite books as part of the Picture book children's Book Loveliness Fair.
These are some of mine ~ I like this book because for to me it seems that J.R.R .Tolkien wrote it to show good against the forces of evil and resisting temptation.
Saint's are men and women and children who have done great things through God.
Trixi Belden is one of the few mystery books I like .
This Is The Best Book In All ExistenceI like Narnia because it is the forces of good fighting the forces evil.
The Inheritance Cycle is a very excellent read.
The Royal Dairies sereis I like them because the story is told in diary form, but is about the lives of different princesses from different times and places.
Star Wars...well what can I say it is a big time favourite. Adventure, light sabers, star wars ships are my type of place.
The Redwall book's I like because something always happens. Vermin (usually the badies) might attack and almost take control and then someone has to come and save Redwall.
In the Sun-sword trilogy any thing can happen from invasion, stolen swords and four children trying to save a young prince and saving the kingdom at the same time.
Rangers apprentice series are such great books. Once again I love the fighting, daggers , horses and all the main characters and the adventures they have.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of my favourite books.



Erin said...

We haven't heard of the sunsword series before! Off to see if our library carries them.

Gardenia said...

hello, I'm here from your mum's Lovliness Fair. what a great blog you have, and your list of books is amazing! gosh, you have read alot!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Wow Eden! You and my daughter Laura sure have a lot in common!
You have listed many of her favorite books here!
I forgot about the Redwall series!
My eldest children read them in years past. Thanks for reminding me...Laura and Jacob will LOVE them!
Peace and Joy to you!
Mrs. D.